Sugarlips Candy Company  
Located at  100 Sheldon Drive  Unit 35/36 Cambridge Ontario N1R 7S7    Tele:519-6202922 

                 British Candy . Old Fashioned Retro & Nostalgic Candy you ate as a child         

tore Hours  : Monday to Saturday 

11 Am  to 5 Pm

We are closing our doors


*Time to Retire* 

Everything is on Clearance or LIQUIDATION .

 Everthing is 20% off .

Our Liquidation section has lots of bargains .

LOTS of toys at cost or lower 

Thank you all who have support over the last 14 years .

Liquidation of pressed candies,as well as Candy filled wind-up toys.
All at cost or lower 
We have over 40 different pressed candies to choose from , for many occasions.

Assorted candy filled toys - 16 units per box $8.00

Candy filled pencil sharpener boxes - 24 units per box $8.00

.If you are interested in Candy making equipment marble table, fire place, hood, Ss tables, etc contact us 

July 31 will be our last day if anything is left .

Canada is 150 years old

 Get your maple leaf barley candy or sucre d' orge .
60 - 65 g.
 $1.25 each 
Counter ready display contains 24 units.

Orders are being made now ,they are hand poured so takes time to make .Don't be late .

Call now 519-6202922

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose, water ,Cherry flavouring for red and Maple flavouring for golden  .